Volume 8 (1992)

Gerfen, Chip and Pilar Piñar (eds.). Preface. [download]
Ciszewksa-Wilkens, Anna. IP-Structure and pro in Polish. [download]
Conway, Laura. Prosodic templates in Tigre verb morphology: A phonologically informed analysis of causative. [download]
Denham, Kristin. "Y" defends cyclicity. [download]
Gerfen, Chip. Reciprocity in Spanish: Two puzzles of scope. [download]
Golston, Chris. The prosodic hierarchy as a form of meter. [download]
Hammond, Michael. Eurhythmy or clash in the English rhythm rule. [download]
Meador, D. Bimoricity in Northern Greenlandic Eskimo. [download]
Ohala, Diane. A unified theory of final consonant deletion in early child speech. [download]
Pérez, Patricia E. Gradient sonority and harmonic foot repair in English syncope. [download]
Yoshimura, Kyoko. LF Subjacency Condition in Japanese. [download]

Volume Summary: 

Gerfen, Chip and Pilar Piñar (eds.), Coyote Papers 8: Working Papers in Linguistics from A to Z.