Volume 7 (1989)

Coyote Papers 7 (1989) consists of six papers on "Unification Based Approaches to Natural Languages". This volume of Coyote Papers was dedicated to the memory of Sunseek Oh, who passed away on October 4, 1988.
Drozd, Kenneth F. and Kaz Fukushima (eds.). Preface. [download]
Oh, Sunseek. A promising control theory. [download]
Fukushima, Kaz. A non-floating analysis of "floating" quantifiers in Japanese: The first approximation. [download]
Sookgasem, Prapa. Postverbal subject in Thai. [download]
Oehrle, Richard T. and Shi Zhang. Lambek calculus and preposing of embedded subjects. [download]
Drozd, Kenneth F. Type raised children: Extending categorial grammar as a theory of acquisition. [download]
Bourgeois, Thomas C. English relative clause extraction: A syntactic and semantic approach. [download]

Volume Summary: 

Drozd, Kenneth F. and Kaz Fukushima (eds.), Coyote Papers 7: Unification Based Approaches to Natural Languages.