Volume 5 (1984)

Coyote Papers 5 (1984) consists of nine papers on Native American languages, Japanese, and Spanish.
Davis, Stuart (ed.). Introduction. [download]
Davis, Stuart. Squamish stress clash. [download]
Escalante, Fernando. Moods and modes in Yaqui. [download]
Farmer, Ann K. and Natsuko Tsujimura. On the nature of syntactic structure: Implications for a theory of reference. [download]
Grigsby, Chiyo Nishida. The subject in Spanish and some related topics. [download]
Hollenbach, Barbara E. Copala Trique tone and universal tone features. [download]
Sandoval, María. A propositional classification of Spanish sentences. [download]
Sandoval, Merton. The syntactic function of the yi-/bi- alternation in Jicarilla Apache. [download]
Tomoda, Shizuko. Onomatopoeia and metaphor. [download]
Tsujimura, Natsuko. On the interpretation of 'null anaphora' in Japanese. [download]

Volume Summary: 

Davis, Stuart (ed.), Coyote Papers 5: Studies on Native American Languages, Japanese and Spanish.