Volume 4 (1983)

Akmajian, Adrian. Preface. [download]
Martin-Callejo-Manandise, Esmeralda (ed.). Introduction. [download]
Zepeda, Ofelia. Ju:kǐ/Rain. [download]
Dardis, Mary. The semantic field of Spanish cooking verbs. [download]
Escalante, Fernando. Yes/No questions in the Yaqui Indian language. [download]
Hollenbach, Barbara E. Apposition and X-bar rules. [download]
Janda, Richard D. Two umlaut-heresies and their claim to orthodoxy. [download]
Jelinek, Eloise. Cases and configurationality. [download]
Keener, Gary O. Differentiating disjunctive and parenthetical constructions. [download]
Lehrer, Adrienne and Paul Lanan Battan. Semantic fields and semantic change. [download]
Manandise, Daniel and Esmeralda Martin-Callejo-Manandise. Bad news about the faire-construction in French. [download]
Tsujimura, Natsuko. On WH-movement from subject position. [download]

Volume Summary: 

Martin-Callejo-Manandise, Esmeralda (ed.), Coyote Papers 4: Exploring Language: Linguistic Heresies from the Desert.