Volume 3 (1982)

Larson, Thomas G. (ed.). Acknowledgments. [download]
Akmajian, Adrian. Preface. [download]
Larson, Thomas G. (ed.). Introduction. [download]
Davis, Stuart. On the internal organization of syllable constituents. [download]
Jelinek, Eloise. Predicate as a universal syntactic category. [download]
Larson, Thomas G. Referential use and polysemy. [download]
Martin-Callejo, Esmeralda. The Aux in the Guipuzkoan dialect of Basque. [download]
Nakajima, Heizo. Analysis of clause as V4. [download]
Speas, Peggy. Navajo verbal prefixes in current morphological theory. [download]
Tomoda, Shizuko. Analysis of Quantifier in Japanese. [download]
Zepeda, Ofelia. Desiderative - causatives in Papago. [download]

Volume Summary: 

Larson, Thomas G. (ed.), Coyote Papers 3: Studies on Arabic, Basque, English, Japanese, Navajo and Papago.