The First South Western Optimality Theory Workshop (1995)

This is the fifth volume in our series of conference proceedings. Volume 5 served as the proceedings for the First South Western Optimality Theory Workshop (SWOT I), which was held April 28, 1995 at the University of Arizona.
Suzuki, Keiichiro and Dirk Elzinga (eds.). Preface. [download]
Archangeli, Diana and Keiichiro Suzuki. Menomini vowel harmony: O(pacity) & t(ransparency) in OT. [download]
Cole, Jennifer S. and Charles W. Kisseberth. Restricting multi-level constraint evaluation: Opaque rule interaction in Yawelmani vowel harmony. [download]
Flemming, Edward. Phonetic detail in phonology: Evidence from assimilation and coarticulation. [download]
Heiberg, Andrea. Coda neutralization: Against purely phonetic constraints. [download]
Ikawa, Hajime. On stress assignment, vowel-lengthening, and epenthetic vowels in Mohawk and Selayarese: Some theoretical implications. [download]
Jiang-King, Ping. Fuzhou tone-vowel interaction. [download]
Kirchner, Robert. A non-representational theory of contrastiveness. [download]
Ohno, Sachiko. Synchronically unified ranking and distribution of voicing in Japanese. [download]
Padgett, Jaye. Partial class behavior and nasal place assimilation. [download]
Pulleyblank, Douglas, Ping Jiang-King, Myles Leitch, and Nikẹ la. Typological variation through constraint rankings: Low vowels in tongue root harmony. [download]
Suzuki, Keiichiro . Double-sided effect in OT: Sequential grounding and local conjunction. [download]
Takano, Yuji. Prosodic and morphological constraints: An optimality account of Alabama negation. [download]
Yip, Moria. Repetition and its avoidance: The case in Javanese. [download]
Zoll, Cheryl. Role of the root in the representation of segments: Yawelmani. [download]

Conference Summary: 

Suzuki, Keiichiro and Dirk Elzinga (eds.), Conference Proceedings 5: Proceedings of the First South Western Optimality Theory Workshop (SWOT I). April 28, 1995.