Arizona Phonology Conference 4 (1991)

This is the fourth volume in our series of conference proceedings. Volume 4 served as the proceedings for the fourth annual Arizona Phonology Conference, which was held April 5-6, 1991 at the University of Arizona.
Ann, Jean and Kyoko Yoshimura (eds.). Preface. [download]
Anderson, Stephanie. Vowel-consonant interaction in Madurese. [download]
Gerfen, Chip. Izi vowel harmony and selective cyclicity. [download]
Golston, Chris. Level-ordered lexical insertion: Evidence from speech errors. [download]
Hewitt, Mark S. Binarity and ternarity in Alutiiq. [download]
Silverman, Daniel. Multiple scansions in loan-word phonology: Evidence from Cantonese. [download]
Tsay, Jane S. Tone alternation in Taiwanese. [download]
Wiswall, Wendy J. Tunica partial vowel harmony as support for a height node. [download]

Conference Summary: 

Ann, Jean and Kyoko Yoshimura (eds.), Conference Proceedings 4: Arizona Phonology Conference 4. April 5-6, 1991.