Arizona Phonology Conference 3 (1990)

This is the third volume in our series of conference proceedings. Volume 3 served as the proceedings for the third annual Arizona Phonology Conference, which was held March 23-24, 1990 at the University of Arizona.
Myers, James and Patricia E. Pérez (eds.). Preface. [download]
Ann, Jean. Against [lateral]: Evidence from Chinese Sign Language and American Sign Language. [download]
Bourgeois, Thomas C. Deriving abstract representations directly from the level of connected speech. [download]
Cho, Young-mee Yu. Is voicing a privative feature. [download]
Churchyard, Henry. Purely privative vowel-feature systems as a generative theory: Fixing certain problems with Particle Phonology. [download]
Golston, Chris. Floating H (and L*) tones in Ancient Greek. [download]
Peng, Long. Swati and Kikuyu reduplication: Evidence against Exhaustive Copy. [download]
Rice, Curtis. Pacific Yup'ik Implications for Metrical Theory. [download]
Stonham, John. Hypocoristic formation in Nootka. [download]

Conference Summary: 

Myers, James and Patricia E. Pérez (eds.), Conference Proceedings 3: Arizona Phonology Conference 3. March 23-24, 1990.