Arizona Phonology Conference 2 (1989)

This is the second volume in our series of conference proceedings. Volume 2 served as the proceedings for the second annual Arizona Phonology Conference, which was held March 31-April 1, 1989 at the University of Arizona.
Fulmer, S. Lee, Masahide Ishihara, and Wendy Wiswall (eds.). Preface. [download]
Churchyard, Henry. Vowel reduction in Tiberian Biblical Hebrew as evidence for a sub-foot level of maximally trimoraic metrical constituents. [download]
Goad, Heather. On the feature [rtr] in Chilcotin: A problem for the feature hierarchy. [download]
Hagberg, Larry. Floating accent in Mayo. [download]
Hyman, Larry M. The consequences of rule ordering in Haya tonology. [download]
Ishihara, Masahide. The Morphemic Plane Hypothesis and plane internal phonological domains. [download]
Lin, Yen-Hwei. Rime change in two Chinese dialects. [download]
Pulleyblank, Douglas. Patterns of feature cooccurrence: The case of nasality. [download]
Schlindwein, Deborah. Reduplication in Lexical Phonology: Javanese plural reduplication. [download]
Spring, Cari. Reduplication as copy: Evidence from Axininca Campa. [download]

Conference Summary: 

Fulmer, S. Lee, Masahide Ishihara, and Wendy Wiswall (eds.), Conference Proceedings 2: Arizona Phonology Conference 2. March 31-April 1, 1989.