Arizona Phonology Conference (1988)

This is the first volume in our series of conference proceedings. Volume 1 served as the proceedings for the first annual Arizona Phonology Conference, which was held March 25-26, 1988 at the University of Arizona.
Crowhurst, Megan (ed.). Preface. [download]
Hayes, Bruce. Diphthongization and coindexing. [download]
Hualde, José Ignacio. Palatalization in Biscayan Basque and feature geometry. [download]
Kang, Hyunsook. Is plane conflation bracket erasure? [download]
Lin, Yen-hwei. Nasal segments in Taiwanese secret languages. [download]
Mutaka, Ngessimo. Tonal evidence for an INFL cycle in the Kinande verb. [download]
Schafer, Robin. A structural analysis of mutation. [download]
Spring, Cari. Marshallese single segment reduplication. [download]

Conference Summary: 

Crowhurst, Megan (ed.), Conference Proceedings 1: Arizona Phonology Conference. March 25-26, 1988.