Conference Proceedings

Proceedings of the Poster Session of the 18th Annual West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL 18). (2000). Edited by Peter Norquest, Jason D. Haugen, & Sonya Bird.

  • Sonya Bird. Diminuitive Bare-consonant Reduplication in Stl'atl'imcets.
  • Juan Carlos Castillo. Towards a Universal Account of Possessor Raising.
  • Chin Wan Chung & Byung-jin Lim. The Behavior of Velar Nasal and Syllabification in Korean.
  • Suzanne Curtin. Size Restrictors and Prosodic Structure in the Acquisition of Stress.
  • Paul de Lacy. A Correspondence Theory of Morpheme Order.
  • Gwang-Yoon Goh. What Does Diachrony Say About English Tough-constructions?
  • Sean Hendricks. Bare-consonant Reduplication in Yokuts: Minimal Reduplication by Compression.
  • Hironobu Hosoi. A Dual Function of Tokoro in the CENP Construction.
  • Jeong-Seok Kim. Locative Inversion and Optional Features.
  • Bokyung Noh. The Effect of Focus on Argument Structure: Depictives vs Relatives.
  • Elena Rudnitskaya. Yes-no li Questions in Russian: Interaction of Syntax and Phonology.
  • Hidekazu Tanaka & Mika Kizu. Reconstruction and Linearity in Long-Distance Cleft Constructions.

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