Coyote Papers:
Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 16: Coyote Papers: Working Papers in Linguistics, Linguistic Theory at the University of Arizona. (2008). Edited by Mans Hulden and Shannon T. Bischoff.
(Full text available online!)

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Table of Contents
Editors' Introduction

  • Amy Fountain. Introduction to Navajo Language Studies.
    full text
  • Stacey Oberly. An Optimality-Theoretic Analysis of Navajo Sibilant Harmony.
    full text
  • Emily Kidder. Tone, Intonation, Stress and Duration in Navajo.
    full text
  • Ferdinand de Haan. Evidentiality in Athabaskan
    full text
  • Sumayya Racy. A Unification of Indo-European Aktionsart and Navajo Verb Theme Categories.
    full text
  • Mans Hulden and Shannon T. Bischoff. An Experiment in Computational Parsing of the Navajo Verb.
    full text

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