Coyote Papers:
Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 15: Coyote Papers: Working Papers in Linguistics, Psycholinguistic and Computational Perspectives. (2007). Edited by Jordan Brewer, Polly O'Rourke and Peter Richtsmeier. (Available in print. Full text available online!)

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Table of Contents

  • Stephen W. Briner, Philip M. McCarthy, and Danielle S. McNamara. Autoprop: A Tool To Automate the Construction of Psychological Propositions.
    full text
  • Jason Ginsburg and Sandiway Fong. Modeling Q-Feature Movement in Japanese.
    full text
  • Charles Hall, Philip M. McCarthy, Gwyneth A. Lewis, Debra S. Lee, and Danielle S. McNamara. Using COH-Metrix To Assess Differences Between English Language Varieties.
    full text
  • Rong Liu. Is Repition Priming Accessing the Same Lexical Entry Twice?
    full text
  • Polly O'Rourke. The Gender Congruency Effect in Bare Noun Production in Spanish.
    full text
  • Xin Wang. Does Semantic Activation Spread Across Languages? An Experimental Study with Chinese-English Bilinguals.
    full text

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