Coyote Papers:
Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 14: Coyote Papers: Working Papers in Linguistics, Linguistic Theory at the University of Arizona. (2005). Edited by Daniel Siddiqi and Benjamin V. Tucker. (Available in print. Full text available online!)

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Table of Contents
Editor’s Introduction

  • Adam Baker. Parallel Lexical Optimality Theory.
    abstract | full text
  • Andrew Carnie. Some Remarks on Markedness Hierarchies: A Reply to Aissen 1999 and 2003.
    abstract | full text
  • Andrew Carnie and David Medeiros. Tree Maximization and the Generalized Extended Projection Principle.
    abstract | full text
  • Erin Good. Intonational Meaning: Why Mom Can Be Both Emotional and Rational.
    abstract | full text
  • Jeff Mielke, Adam Baker, Diana Archangeli, and Sumayya Racy. Palatron: A Technique for Aligning Ultrasound Images of the Tongue and Palate.
    abstract | full text
  • Daniel Siddiqi. Distributed Morphology without Secondary Exponence: A Local Account of Licensing Thematic Licensing of Vocabulary Items and Strong Verb Alternations.
    abstract | full text
  • Azita Taleghani. Is PROARB the Same as pro? Evidence from Persian Impersonal Constructions.
    abstract | full text
  • Jianyuan Wang. Resumptive Pronouns are not Optional: Evidence from the Topic Constructions of the Possessor in Mandarin Chinese.
    abstract | full text
  • Gwanhi Yun. An Ultrasound Study of Coarticulation and Vowel Assimilation in Korean.
    abstract | full text

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