Coyote Papers:
Working Papers in Linguistics

Volume 13: COYOTE PAPERS: WORKING PAPERS IN LINGUISTICS, SPECIAL VOLUME DEDICATED TO THE INDIGENOUS LANGUAGES OF THE AMERICAS. (2004) Edited by Tania Granadillo, Meghan O'Donnell, & Stacey I. Oberly. (Available in print now!)

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Table of Contents
Editors’ Introduction

  • Erik Levin. A Reanalysis of the Aymara Verb Using Prototypes.
    abstract | full text
  • José Elías-Ulloa. Quantity (In)sensitivity and Underlying Glottal Stop Deletion in Capanahua.
    abstract | full text
  • Tania Granadillo. Nominal Possessives in the Ehe Dialect of Kurripako: Morphology, Phonology & Semantics.
    abstract | full text
  • Meghan O’Donnell. Inflectional Affixes & Clitics in Kaska (Northern Athabaskan).
    abstract | full text
  • Phil Cash Cash. ke yóx hitamtáaycaqa ćíiqinpa (that which is reported in talk): Reported Speech in Nez Perce.
    abstract | full text
  • Erin Haynes. Obstacles Facing Tribal Language Programs in Warm Spring, Klamath, and Grand Ronde.
    abstract | full text
  • Stacey Inez Oberly. A Preliminary Analysis of Southern Ute with a Special Concentration on Noun Phrases.
    abstract | full text

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